Arja Finish sauna

Teuco's new range of “Arja” Finnish Saunas stands out thanks to its extensive range of dimensions that make it possible to choose the perfect Sauna environment for your very own Spa@Home. The cabins are available in the following dimensions: 150x100 cm, 180x120 cm, 200x150 cm and 200x200 cm. The larger versions of the Arja saunas, are available with two large glass walls in addition to the glass door and wooden walls. This solution lightens and enhances the design of the product, revealing its beguiling interiors. Teuco's Finnish Saunas are all made entirely in Italy, guaranteeing the craftsmanship quality and painstaking care for details of authentic products Made in Italy. Special Plus BioSauna The Biosauna is an evolution of the traditional Finnish sauna; it envisages lower temperatures, of around 50°, while a purpose-designed mechanism adjusts the Temperature and the steam production in order to achieve a hot and humid environment very much like that of a steam room. What is a Finnish sauna? The origins of the sauna are lost in the remote past, associated with purification rituals shared by many ancient religions. Its therapeutic and aesthetic virtues were known in ancient Greece, but it was especially in the Baltic region, and specifically in Finland, that its practice was popularized and perfected as a supreme source of wellbeing. The sauna is simply a bath of very hot, dry air taken in a closed environment in which an appropriate device heats and dehumidifies the air. Benefits The sauna has extraordinary relaxation and detoxification powers, and positively influences the mind and body. Nothing is more effective for eliminating nervous tension and reducing anxiety, because the sauna stimulates natural rebalancing of psychophysical states. The skin cleanses itself and eliminates acids and toxins by sweating. The neuro-vegetative system is stimulated, improving overall metabolism. Aesthetically, reduced cellulite and more elastic tissues are best achieved by combining the sauna with a healthy diet. Other obvious benefits come from deep cleaning of the skin, which once again becomes pure and luminous.