In every Teuco bathtub, appealing design is teamed with a focus on relaxation and fitness, while creativity is teamed with efficiency. Both the acrylic and the Duralight® bathtubs, which are available with or without whirlpool, are highly modular to create your ideal interior décor. Our extensive range of spa baths, also referred to as jacuzzi baths, offers a multitude of solutions for all aesthetic and design requirements, individual preferences and architectural criteria, thanks to the many shapes, sizes and varying materials used in the manufacturing processes. Giovanna Talocci is behind the simple yet striking design of Seaside for the bathroom, a bathtub with generously proportioned surfaces concealing a host of enjoyable features, such as the water blade outlet and the concealed taps. The well-being functions afford the utmost versatility, to accommodate all your comfort requirements. The bathtub is available in a version with or without the whirlpool system. It also now features the extraordinary Hydroline, the invisible whirlpool that replaces the classic nozzles with thin minimalist slits. Hydroline is also Hydrosonic®, the beneficial effects which reach the deeper tissue owing to the combined action of ultrasound and water. In addition, with Cromoexperience, the water lights up with the colours of the rainbow. Seaside with Hydroline is simply perfect for you to relax in. Hydroline - Technology concealed within beauty. Teuco has invented the invisible whirlpool. Hydroline is the first patented system where the classic nozzles have been replaced by minimalist slits which ensure the continuity of the material. These ultra-thin slits, which feature the signature trait of Giovanna Talocci, also offer a cutting-edge Cromoexperience system, since they are backlit by beams of light which can be adjusted and offer eight different colours. The Hydroline Whirlpool boasts the following: • 400 grams of pressure per nozzle, which tantamount to a professional hand massage. • Hydro Clean System which is the hermetic sealing of the suction and the jets when the whirlpool is not in use. The cleanliness of the circuit is also ensured when the bathtub is used without the whirlpool – This is patented by Teuco. • Automatic sanitising, the system which introduces a sanitising solution into the system and disinfects the pump, the jets and the surface of the bathtub. Supplied as a standard with all whirlpool systems. Hydroline is an elegant styling idea which retains all the efficiency of the best whirlpool on the market, also in terms of noiselessness and vibration-free operation – the Hydrosilence. These blasts of elegance combined with Hydrosilence® turn the bright bubbles into a murmur of energy. It is a technological revolution ensuing from Teuco's extraordinary design expertise and consolidated industrial know-how. Hydroline is also Hydrosonic®. Hydroline on acrylic bathtubs is a revolution, but it's not the only one. Indeed, Hydroline is now also Hydrosonic: the minimalist design is completed by all the efficiency of an ultrasound whirlpool, and the four ultrasound massage programmes provide profound regeneration. Thanks to the effect of ultrasound teamed with the whirlpool, Hydrosonic® makes the massage penetrate beneath the skin, affecting your whole body. The result is a deep and intense treatment, which reaches far beyond traditional whirlpools and stimulates every single cell. Ultrasound has been successfully used in the medical and diagnostic field for some time, but its application in whirlpools is a Teuco exclusive. It is an absolutely unique project arising from the work of a purpose-designed interdisciplinary scientific committee which assessed studies and research for years, performing ongoing honing activities and scrupulous tests. Water allows the best propagation of the ultrasound waves, because it absorbs their energy much more slowly, thus avoiding any interruption in the flow. This means the beneficial ultrasound waves reach the body, almost unattenuated. Thanks to the thermal and mechanical effect that ultrasound waves can produce, Hydrosonic® offers 4 massage programmes to meet your every need, at any time. Choose from: - beauty - after-sport, to stretch your muscles - anti-stress - tone-up, to boost your metabolism. The benefits of hydrosonic massage are: • depth: it penetrates approximately 2/3 cm beneath the epidermis, right down to the surface muscle tissue • cellular action: it triggers a compression-decompression and separation action on the cells, affecting each one individually as well as any clusters • frequency: cells are massaged 3 million times per second • treatment measurability: size of treated parts, depth and speed are all elements which can be measured. Teuco performed tests at the Force Institute of Copenhagen, which confirm the uniform distribution of ultrasound waves inside the bathtub and the accuracy of their frequency and intensity. More than a normal whirlpool, Hydrosonic® is a genuine multi-sensory experience spa to enjoy any time you want to. Hydrosilence - Well-being expressed in silence. 25 dbA: in other words, just a little more than rustling leaves, a whisper, a light breeze. With Hydrosilence®, the only sound the whirlpool makes is that of flowing water (test performed in compliance with DIN 4109), reducing noise emissions by 70%. Hydrosilence® eliminates all artificial noise generated by the system along with all vibrations, finally achieving a whirlpool that affords total relaxation. Super-silent well-being is achieved thanks to: - The more balanced three-phase motor, which does not vibrate at low frequency, controlled by sophisticated electronics - The new silent suction valve (patented) - The anti-vibration solutions, which prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the floor and surrounding walls The tub makes no noise and does not vibrate, for comfort without compromise, not just for you, but also for those around you: no nuisance in the evening or at night, because no noise is transmitted to the surroundings. Silent does not mean less powerful. On the contrary, Hydrosilence® is even more efficient thanks to “myhydro”, a function that allows you to control the intensity of the massage by adjusting the quantity of water in the jet, and the quantity of air in proportion. All this also makes for lower energy consumption. Hydrosilence, is probably the quietest whirlpool on the market.