Blok comes from an innovative idea as opposed to the traditional bathroom concept. Using basic shapes, the designer, Giancarlo Vegni , created a solution that is very pleasing to the eye and extremely useful at the same time. The Design Plus 2007 jury appreciative verdict was: "Complicated In thought, simple In Solution".Blok is the marriage of sharp defined edges and round shapes, a contrast that flows together in a new and functional product. Tap and stand, shelf and water spring with no line interruption, Blok is so versatile it perfectly complements any bathroom style. The material choice – Crystal Plant - is the logical result of the project thought process. It offers solidity, resistance, colour pureness and elegance which were the requirement. This console range offers tap solutions for basins, bidets, baths and showers. Manufactured to the highest standards and using the best quality raw materials available, these taps come with a 15 year warranty.