Conceived by designer Cristian Mapelli, Diva was born from the desire for the finest proportion, total exciting beauty and elegant modernism. The study of forms starts from the idea of line refinement, gently curving, accentuating and playing with her femininity. The harmonious union between the body sinuosity and a more determined and sophisticated multifaceted spout creates a Masterpiece of ethereal perfection. The use of the minimal ceramic cartridge of 25mm diameter, gives Diva a strong dominance of thinness and emphasis. This jewel of Italian design and production intensifies the admirer’s positive feelings. This very comprehensive and diverse range of single lever mixers offers a multitude of solution options for basins, bidets, baths, showers, toilets and kitchen sinks and prep bowls. Available in a variety of colours and with decorative etched patterns, this modern range of mixers is able to complement and enhance any surroundings it is fitted into.