Our vast and specialised range of Chromotherapy and Multifunction shower heads will transform any bathroom into a wellness haven and a place for the rejuvenation of the body and mind. Available in a variety of different applications these may be wall mounted, ceiling mounted suspended with an arm, or completely or partially built into the ceiling. The different models offer varying functions and different combinations of wellness operations. Rain jets, Waterfall cascade jets and tropical rain jets which produce a gentle relaxing mist, all transform your bathroom into a spa –a place for physical and mental healing and regeneration. The Chromoexperience also known as colour therapy is an ancient method used to restore physical and emotional balance through the use of and the radiation of colour. Our Chromotherapy shower heads provide a steady light in a chosen colour or a gradually changing cycle of coloured lights. Each colour induces and enhances different emotional experiences –green, calming and relaxingwhile yellow has a cheering effect, and red invigorates among the other colours that glow through the water droplets and fill your shower with life and colour.These systems are available with the rain shower heads and can also be incorporated into the multifunctional shower roses.