The steam shower, commonly called "Turkish bath", belongs to the same ancient tradition of purifying baths from which the sauna is also derived. When the level of steam in a room exceeds the level of water on the skin, a layer of moisture forms on the skin and warms the body. The simultaneous action of steam and controlled heat helps blood and lymphatic circulation by dissolving toxins and promoting their expulsion. Teuco's constantly honed know-how allows you to set up a genuine steam system in your own home. Thanks to the large quantity of steam and the constant temperature throughout the duration of treatment, indulge in the ultimate well-being experience whenever you feel like it. With the innovative system and electronics, the steam quickly reaches the desired temperature and is kept constant throughout the treatment saving energy, and the exclusive recirculation system ensures the temperature is uniform throughout the enclosure. Teuco Steam Showers not only afford moments of relaxation, but also beneficial effects for the appearance of your skin and the health of your respiratory tract. Aromas and essential oils can be added to the steam, thus stimulating your sense of smell too. An audio system and a lighting system are also available, the coloured lights team with the steam or water massages with an experience that regenerates body and mind. The Light equipped shower panel which incorporates a steam producing boiler, the air recirculation system, taps and three sections of vertical massaging water, is a stylish and functional solution for all small and medium sized steam rooms. A genuine object of well-being, it stands out for its pure shapes thanks to the use of Duralight®. Patented by Teuco, Duralight®, is an acrylic-based composite material which makes any shape possible, all entirely seamlessly and affords the user a velvet touch. Its solidity, which is guaranteed for twenty years, is pliable to order. An unrivalled elegant caress, with many virtues: Duralight® is non-toxic, hygienic and incredibly strong. This exclusive shower panel, designed by Fabio Lenci, is brimming with precious details, teamed with its intriguing texture: from the 3 sections of massaging water consisting of small holes in the panel itself, through to the backlit touch controls. Available with different power ratings of between 2.9 and 5.8 kW, the Light shower panel ensures an optimal temperature (of between 45 and 50 °C) at all times, along with a large quantity of steam. In addition, the air recirculation system extracts the warm air and releases it continuously in a downwards direction: this makes sure the temperature remains uniform at all times, for a genuine beauty ritual. Available in both the built-in recessed and wall mounted versions. Benefits Thanks to its invigorating and relaxing properties, the steam bath is one of the best therapies for fighting the stress and tension we suffer every day. It's also a pleasant way to improve your looks and physical condition. Dilation of the pores due to heat lets the steam penetrate deep. The skin eliminates impurities and becomes clear, elastic and soft. A steam shower can be enjoyed at any age and is an excellent way to keep your pressure under control. It is also an indispensable therapeutic and preventive treatment for respiratory tract ailments.