IT 5960 CC BF ZZ

Wall-mtd. shower set, anti-limescale hand-shower and shower head

Made from Crystalplant, a compound that combines mineral fillers with plant resins, for a result like natural stone. Opening to new possibilities, thinking outside the box, while maintaining a constant, smooth balance between beauty and reliability: Rubinetterie Treemme has made this approach the cornerstone of its efforts, and the Blok project is a perfect example, offering an innovative take on the traditional conception of the bathroom area, with a close eye on elegance and practical appeal. Designer Giancarlo Vegni has used basic shapes to create a solution that is both functional and easy on the eye. The jury of Design Plus 2007 (a competition established by ISH - Frankfurt) praised the Blok project, describing it as: "A simple solution for a complex conception”. A fitting description indeed for one of the most prestigious ranges by Rubinetterie Treemme.
Blok is the sum of many appealing elements that come together in one product, with contrasting sharp edges and rounded shapes combined to form an extremely practical model with clean lines, versatile enough to complement numerous furnishing styles on the market.
For this model, in which the tap and the shelf form a single element, the choice of the material was a logical consequence of the idea that inspired the project.
It was essential for the material to have a variety of characteristics, such as solidity, resistance, pure colour, and elegance. This prompted us to choose Crystalplant, a solid, versatile material, composed of mineral fillers and resins of plant origin.