Single hole washbasin

A model with rounded shapes, ready to turn your bathroom into a temple of relaxation and regeneration. Wherever they are featured, rounded shapes offer a sense of protection, cradling the observer in a warm embrace.
The right furnishings can create this enveloping cocoon effect, inducing a sublime sense of relaxation that regenerates the mind and body, in profound silence and self-contemplation.
The bathroom is the perfect environment for this, restoring harmony and purity and helping us to detox from everyday stress. The aim of the Line range is to team simplicity and relaxation with elegance, by softening shapes, smoothing edges, and extending a warm, round embrace.
The furnishing accessories we choose for our living spaces say much about our own personal style, and Rubinetterie Treemme helps customers make these statements by creating just the right atmosphere for their homes and businesses.
Line is fashioned in brass, with chrome and brushed nickel finishes available.