RWIT 6094 IS 03


In collaboration with top design firms comes a range of taps and accessories that pairs
sophistication with elegance. The intuition of Emanuel Gargano, Marco Fagioli and engineer
Giampiero Castagnoli has allowed Rubinetterie Treemme to create 22mm, a line of taps that
combines style research with geometric elegance.
The distinctive feature of the 22mm range is a technology that reduces the size of the
technical elements to a minimum, and 22mm is the diameter of all the parts of the tap, from
the spout to the controls, created with a particular process for improved grip.
This diameter makes for a light, airy appearance, and clean lines, making these fittings
extremely versatile and able to adapt to a wide variety of washbasin types.
The light, elegant style that distinguishes the 22mm range is also evident in the bathroom
accessories: towel and toilet roll holders, soap dishes, shelves, and toilet brushes, with
slender, compact volumes, yet designed to bring a distinctive touch to the whole bathroom.
With a view to guaranteeing maximum technical reliability, teamed with respect for the
environment, Rubinetterie Treemme has chosen to craft the 22mm collection entirely in
316L stainless steel, in an attempt to reduce the environmental impact of the production


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