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Tapitalia was founded in 1993 by The Italian Design Experience (TIDE -founded in 1990). While TIDE was involved in the importation of Berloni Kitchens and other furniture and accessories from Italy, Tapitalia was tasked with the sourcing, importation, supply and distribution of taps and later, all the products required for furnishing a bathroom – a function the company has executed very successfully.

Over the next few decades, our design and technical directors have scouted Italy and established relationships with various leading manufacturers. They visited the plants where our extensive product offerings are manufactured and after careful study and selection, collated our current diversified collections of products that have struck a harmonious relationship between design quality and price.

Procuring our products from these well established manufacturers that compete and market their production globally, has positioned us securely on a very competitive platform in terms of quality and pricing.

Our product collections are produced by using the best raw materials available and the most advanced technological manufacturing processes. The result is therefore products of the highest quality available that we can comfortably endorse with various warranties of up to 15 years. Our efficient technical support team services all our products, and is always at our clients’ disposal for advice before any purchase and for maintenance and service for years to come thereafter.


Tapitalia offers products and bathroom solutions with different designs, adaptable to suit all budgets:

∙Taps and plumbing solutions
∙Vanities and cabinetry for bathrooms
∙Bathroom accessories and mirrors
∙Wellness systems (Hydrospas, Jetted baths steam showers and saunas)
∙Door handles



By constantly studying and engaging with our target market we gain an understanding of our clients’ current and future needs and aspirations. We also carefully and regularly keep our finger on the pulse of the globe-design-capital, Italy, so that we may bring you, our client, the latest and most innovative designs, ideas and solutions, offering you the most up to date products for your homes and projects.



At Tapitalia we ensure that we collaborate with reputable manufacturers that view their environmental responsibility and carbon foot print reduction very seriously.

The various factories that produce our products minimise their emissions, recycle the waste produced during the manufacturing processes and use renewable energy. The production process of each item is carefully evaluated with regard to its environmental impact and carefully aligned to conform with the eco-compatibility objectives.

The final product too is important when considering our environment and depleting resources. Our taps can be fitted with water saving mechanisms and special washers that reduce water consumption. The various shower roses are supplied with reducers that restrict the water flow and save water.

Our toilet cisterns are supplied with double flush mechanisms – 3 or 6 liters per flush – a system which may save up to 4300 liters of water per person per annum. Certain enhanced models, have an improved cistern with a double flush mechanism that uses only 3 to 4.5 liters per flush which result in even further water savings. Also available are cisterns fitted with mechanisms with partial flushes. With these, the flush may be stopped with a second push of the button, using only the water that is really needed.





We are proud to list among some of our customers, names such as:  Zotos Construction; OCC Developments; The Melvilles; Gandini Architects; Krynouw Nel Architects; World Food Program Housing Complex Mozambique; British Embassy Kigali Rwanda; The Blue Train, House Mbeki Johannesburg, to name but a few.

We look forward to being of service to you too in the near future.