IT 5165 CC TM ZZ

3 hole deck-mounted bathtub set

A slim, circular body topped with a slender, coloured lever that recalls the concept of eternity. Overcoming the limits of time and seamlessly blending past, present and future into a single object. This courageous approach, the very hallmark of Rubinetterie Treemme, is embodied in the collections designed by Marco Pisati: TIME and TIME_OUT.
An original style, with contrasting and complementary features, teams with a minimal approach to create a timeless design.
This understated shape is given a striking edge thanks to the distinctive elements, such as the slim, circular body, connected to a simple, flat spout.
One of the signature features of both ranges is the distinctive shape of the lever, reminiscent of the hands of a clock, which brings a unique slant to the design of the product, turning this tap into an incredibly innovative new addition to the contemporary bathroom scenario.
The TIME_OUT collection features a shorter handle, while maintaining the same visual impact.