Washbasin mixer 234

The Ios models take their inspiration from ancient Doric columns, to bring a classical allure to the bathroom. Perfection is frequently found in simplicity, in the sense of clean, compact geometric shapes. Rubinetterie Treemme entrusts top designers with this pursuit of perfection, innovation, and style,
in which one of the most sophisticated collections is Ios, conceived by the architect Marco Pisati and the engineer Giampiero Castagnoli. The inspiration for this range comes from the geometric styles of the past, blended with a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic able to adapt to any bathroom environment.
The profoundly linear Ios brass taps are inspired by the orders of classical architecture, with the base, shaft and grooves of ancient Doric columns offering beautiful detail and a touch of elegance and distinction. The lever and the waterspout feature clean, rigorous lines, while the body of the tap is perfectly cylindrical.
Rubinetterie Treemme has always focused on a fruitful combination of innovation and tradition, of which Ios is a magnificent example, striking contrast between softer and more rigorous shapes and lines for a perfectly balanced result.