Sliding-bar kit without wall hose outlet

Classic shapes meet modern design and innovation in this range, suitable for every style of bathroom. Rubinetterie Treemme is constantly in search of the harmony that makes our products truly unique little works of genius, able to bring a splendidly stylish, innovative touch to everyday life. Our designers strive to create delightfully elegant, supremely practical models that tune into the tastes of our customers.
HEDÒ brings these aims on board, offering a perfect blend of classic shape and modern design. These features make this a versatile range, suitable for different types of bathroom thanks to its ability to complement both traditional and contemporary styles.
As always, Rubinetterie Treemme has chosen to pair an attractive design with top-of-the-range technical details, with the aim of combining function with beauty. This is evident in the rectangular aereator, featured on all HEDÒ models, which guarantees a smooth, regular flow.