RWIT 2B92 CC 01

2 ways concealed thermostatic

Water meets light in this innovative collection, which takes its inspiration
from the world of electricity to bring a unique style to your bathroom. There are limits
that must be overcome and barriers that must be broken down if we want to explore
brand-new horizons. This is the direction the Rubinetterie Treemme collections take us
in, seeking to strike a balance between design, function, and harmony, along with
research and experimentation, in collaboration with top architecture and design firms. A
perfect collaboration between Rubinetterie Treemme and Q-BIC brings us WATT, the
new collection in brass and 316 L inox featuring a single mixer tap and thermostatic
valves for built-in showers inspired by the world of lighting. Marco Baldini is the mind
behind these extraordinary models that blend light with water, bringing a modern twist
to a vintage concept and borrowing generously from the world of electricity. Electrical
panels reminiscent of those of yesteryear deliver jets of water instead of light, taking on
a whole new function and application, while the knobs offer a stylish reinterpretation of
those on the old transistor radios.


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